Make the Invisible Visible


Who are those human beings, forced to flee across the dangerous 

Mediterranean Sea and what persuades them to leave their homeland? 


An explosive topic, which is moving the world. With this book, I want to eradicate prejudices, prejudices that have to be illuminated. Most of the people are afraid of refugees. They think of them as poor and dangerous people, just because they come from another continent. I met seven beautiful human beings and told them about my project. One of those people there upon recognised: “We really have to be uncovered, it is important, that we tell the uninformed people what happened and become visible for the masses, so that people understand, it is the truth. It is reality.”So, the title of my project “Visible” was originated. Those strong and brave personalities have seen many things in their lives and have been through something terrible and unthinkable. I had this project in my mind for quite a long time. At first, I was doubtful, if people would be ready to tell their story. I plucked up all my courage and suddenly came up against very positive reactions. I found more and more people. Each of them was seeking to create his and her chapter. The major focus of this project is the refugees’ personal reports. Furthermore, I used important general information in form of infographics such as well-investigated articles to clarify the controversial refugee movement. This book shall make the invisible visible, those people who fought for freedom, were forced to leave their homeland to save their lives. We have to change, we must stick together, the world is one and we all have one in common: