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We help start-ups to create powerful identities, compelling stories and engaging visuals that connect with your target audience, at the right time and across the right channels.

We care

We work with the most innovative companies in the world to make them more valuable through design. We are specialized in Branding and Social Media campaigns for start-ups and help you along the way. As EASTWEST we are mainly working remotely from Southeast Asia and Europe we came up with the Idea to fund 10% of each project to a social organization to support the planet. You can choose your favorite organization and we will take care of the rest or you let us decide where it goes to. 



All about connection

We combine the extensive skills of a team of designers with the agility of a tech-forward startup. The result? High-quality work for a fraction of the time and cost.

Think of us as your design co-founder. We’ll discover the needs of your business and dedicate an entire team of uniquely talented designers to knock those goals out of the park.

This isn’t just design that looks pretty, but design that makes your company more valuable.